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Starts: 9:30 AM 2017
Ends: 2:00 PM 2017
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AMALIE SKRAM HIGH SCHOOL, Lungegårdskaien 40, 5015 Bergen, Norway
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Google Certified Educator Level 1 Bootcamp
G Suite Administrator Certification

April 27 - 28, 2017  (Thursday & Friday)

The AppsEvents Google Certified Educator Bootcamp is the fastest track to creating engaging learning experiences in the digital learning environment while becoming an official Google Certified Educator.

For educators, the new 'Certified Educator' courses are truly transformative in helping you incorporate Google tools in your teaching.  Rather than focusing on rote knowledge of apps the course and certification exam focuses on the practical application of the tools in the classroom. This day will focus on Educator Certification including a voucher.    Many that attend this training quickly become Google Certified Educators and are qualified to become Trainers or Innovators.  

*Exams are taken independently on Friday after BootCamp. However, you may opt to take the certification on a later date if you want to attend the Cloud Camp.

Following the Fundamentals Training, we will utilize Google Classroom for this professional development experience (learn what it is like to be a student for a day in Classroom!) with Hangout Chats, Documents, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Calendar, Keep G+ and YouTube.   We will get your testing account setup and apply your voucher so you are ready to take the exam within days of the Bootcamp.  Note:  Passing the test is not guaranteed.

Graduate Credit is now offered through the College of St. Joseph for only $150 per credit! Learn more.

April 27 - 28, 2017  (Thursday & Friday)

We are delighted to offer our two day G Suite Administrator certification course. Our course includes taking the G Suite Administrator exam on day two of the course, so you could leave the course fully certified as a Google Certified Associate!

Boost your CV and get the most out of G Suite at your company or school

You'll learn the skills and best practices for managing G Suite including hands-on activities in a dedicated G Suite testing environment alongside discussions of the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of G Suite and Chrome administration, including:

  • User and organisational unit management
  • Customising apps and services configuration
  • Configuring mail delivery and routing
  • Designing for security
  • Chrome management and deployment best practices

No previous experience with the G Suite Admin Console is necessary

With a maximum group size of 10, we take a fun, high energy approach. As with all AppsEvents training experiences, we really focus on networking and sharing by holding a networking party with free drinks after the close of the course. Suitable for both business and education attendees, this two day course will provide transformational professional development. 

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